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7 Laminate Worktop Benefits

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Are you looking for a worktop to outfit your kitchen? We’ve got you covered with all the laminate worktop benefits when compared to other choices like wood, stone or marble. Read this article to find out all the reasons to know whether laminate worktops are the right choice for you and your kitchen.

You may be surprised by some of the findings. A recent research paper by Wilsonart discovered that 50% of respondents now had laminate worktops in the kitchen of their home.

They have historically been the budget choice for those looking to save a few quid when buying their kitchen. But the processes behind it have improved massively, and it’s more than just a simple option to save some money. Read on to find out why it has become so popular.

Cheaper Option

Laminate worktops cost less than the pricier options you can go for in your kitchen; all while still offering much of the same benefits. Most kitchen buyers are working with a budget in mind, and anything you can save in one area can be used in another. Perhaps you’d like to get that kitchen island to really give your kitchen the modern look? Well, one way to save some pounds is to look at more affordable worktops that use a laminate finish.

You can compare the price of a laminate worktop to a similar granite worktop. Both surfaces offer similar benefits in terms of their durability and look. But, laminate worktops will often work out to a fraction of the cost with little downside!

Highly Resistant to Scratches

When you purchase a worktop for your kitchen, you expect to be using it day in and day out for years or even decades. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will all need to be prepared, and let’s not forget about using it as an all-purpose table! The point is, you need something that will be durable and resist getting scratches.

Contrary to what people used to believe, laminate surfaces are highly resistant to scratches. Modern laminate is extremely durable and will give you years of solid use. It won’t give in to cracks or scratches that will ruin its appearance.


A popular choice in the modern age is solid wood as the material for your kitchen worktop. While many are dazzled by the rustic look in their kitchen, they are perhaps not considering the hygienic element. Where there is food, you will find bacteria. And solid wood surfaces do not have a hard seal around them. They can be a breeding ground for a whole bunch of things you don’t want to be close by when you’re preparing food for your family.

The significant advantage of laminate worktops is that the laminate exterior creates a hard seal around the MDF/chipboard interior. Nothing can get in or out. So if you give your surface a clean, then you can be sure that it’s perfectly hygienic to prepare your next meal.

Aesthetic Options

As laminate worktops are manufactured rather than a natural material, the range of choices you get in appearance is breathtaking. Modern design technology has allowed manufacturers to produce a dazzling range of colours and finishes that can suit any kitchen. Even mimicking more expensive worktop options!

Perhaps you like the look of solid wood design in your kitchen, but can’t bring yourself to overlook the hygienic issues. Why not get a wood finish on your laminate worktop instead? Perhaps you’d like exciting colours in your kitchen to make them pop? Laminate can offer you a worktop in any decor you like.

Low Maintenance

A laminate worktop is a great choice if you need something practical that you don’t have to take care of all the time. As pointed out above, the non-porous seal that the laminate creates around the interior makes cleaning the worktop a breeze. As well as keeping it safe and hygienic, a quick wash with laminate worktop cleaner is all your worktop needs in terms of maintenance.

You can compare this to the popular yet high-maintenance stone worktop. Keeping a worktop of this material in good condition over the years is hard. It requires use of a special cleaner along with regular sanding and resealing. Is this the level of work you’re happy to go through to keep your kitchen surfaces in tip-top condition? If not, the low-maintenance laminate worktops might be a far better option for you.

No Need to Worry About Stains

One of our favourite laminate worktop benefits is when it comes to stains. Your kitchen worktop will be a magnet for gooey liquids and pungent sauces. Or anything else that might threaten to leave a deep and long-lasting stain on your kitchen counter. And nothing will spoil the appearance of your kitchen quicker than a large orange stain all over your cooking surface.

Laminate worktops save the day with the plastic seal wrapped around the MDF centre. We mentioned above how this is great for hygiene reasons and keeps your kitchen low maintenance. But it also means you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t one clumsy drop away from spoiling your whole kitchen. Stains? No need to worry when you have a laminate worktop set up.

Cheaper to Repair

One of the first laminate worktop benefits that comes to mind is that it’s a cheaper outlay when you first buy them. But a hidden benefit in all that is if you ever have an issue with your worktop. In the rare occurrence that you do, the repair costs will be a fraction of what you would expect if you went for the more expensive options.

After all, when you’ve shelled out thousands on your top-of-the-range worktop, it will be a little bit stressful. Thinking about all the problems that could come along if it gets damaged. With affordable worktops, if anything goes wrong, then you know that even in the worst-case scenario, buying a new one won’t put you out of house and home.