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Our high-quality worktops are the crowning feature of any kitchen. Adding coordinating kitchen upstands will make an already amazing looking surface even more extravagant—giving it a sophisticated appearance that can't be matched. Our kitchen and worktop upstands come in many different styles and colours to match whatever design aesthetic you might want to achieve. We also offer matching wooden upstands for any style of woodwork top. No matter what material your chosen surface is made out of, there will be something to match!

Worktop upstands are a clever way of connecting your countertops to walls, which can disguise uneven wall surfaces or gaps between wooden worktop expansions. For this purpose we recommend fastening them to the wall with contact adhesive; but if you're not sure which type of glue to use then silicone sealant will produce a smooth and cleanly joined upstand. There might be some variation depending on what materials were used when making your kitchen upstands, so make sure you follow the correct installation instructions before proceeding.

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