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Timeless kitchen design and features to make it pop

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Simple ways to style a timeless Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home when it comes to piecing together the perfect décor to style your space. Ensuring that you have a look that is not only practical, but also timeless is absolutely imperative.

Today, we are overrun with choices. From sleek, contemporary finishes, through to a more traditional, rustic design. It can be hard to know which route to choose for your home.

That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect fit. So that no matter what scheme you’re looking to achieve. You can ensure that in five, ten or even twenty years from now, your kitchen will have a timeless finish that can be appreciated for years to come.


Installing new worktops are the most popular way to update your kitchen. By installing a new laminate countertop you will be able to easily update your Kitchen. With plenty of finishes to choose from, begin your kitchen update here and build any other updates around this feature. Furthermore, using a laminate worktop cuts down the cost of kitchen renovations. While still giving you a beautiful, hardwearing and antibacterial surface


Picking your perfect kitchen cupboard depends on two factors; what material is used in manufacture, and the choice of colour. Choose yourself a hard-wearing, flat faced, wood-based kitchen cupboard. When paired with a neutral colour it will suit any worktop and you’re onto a winner. These wood-based units not only last for years. But with their hard standing nature, you could also change the colour of them with some at home up-cycling.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island originated in Europe in the 1800’s. Families used to place a worktable in front of the hearth or stove as they worked. However, the first kitchen island floorplan made its appearance in 1930, when the island became the focal point in any kitchen. Whether you bring stools around it to make it a dining or breakfast bar area. Or perhaps that’s where the appliances sit so you can cook your meals whilst having a face-to-face conversation with guests. Either way, having the addition of an island will ensure that the kitchen really is the heart of your home.


Appliances in any kitchen are a necessity, so choosing the wrong ones will create an “unpolished” look within the room. Ovens are at the top of the list as there’s no getting around having them on display. Our top rating for a timeless oven has to be the Aga. Whilst being a higher priced item, the Aga is worth the heftier price tag; not only providing the facility to cook your meals. Some traditional Aga’s also have the ability to heat your home with the pipes that accompany them. Aga’s come in all sorts of colours and designs for you to choose from. The traditional black Aga is firm favourite; keeping its durability but also practicality with a colour that is truly timeless


Karndean flooring – Karndean flooring is spillage, slip and shatter proof. Made from vinyl, it is structured with 5 layers to provide its hard-wearing ethos. Karndean is a flexible favourite, given that it can come in any colour or design. Choose a natural shade, provide a splash of colour, or choose a Victorian style tile. Karndean offers a whole host of possibilities. Engineered wood flooring. Shiny surfaces and hard materials found in the kitchen are softened with a wooden kitchen flooring. It gives the room balance and making it feel more homely. Often found in traditional wood shades, this material gives you a stylish and sustainable base for any kitchen. Both Karndean and hardwood flooring are easy to clean and maintain. It is very rare to have to replace this flooring given their timeless design.


Any kitchen can seem dull and lifeless without the ideal lighting. If you are short on natural light solutions you could shoose spotlights. Spotlights can create the perfect lighting to cook and dine. You could pair this with a hanging light feature over your island, breakfast bar or dining table. Now you’re ready to host the perfect dinner party.


Handles – cupboard handles now come in a variety of styles and colours. When looking for the perfect handles, choose yourself a black, gold, or silver handle. This will stand out against any naturally coloured worktop or cupboard. Taps. When searching for a timeless tap, you want to ensure that you match the other fixtures in your kitchen. These small touches make a vast difference when it comes to kitchen styling which can often be overlooked. So, bear that in mind when picking the right taps for your home. A pillar tap differs to the traditional tap, whereby it lifts up and sits above the kitchen sink. These can come in many colours so that you can easily pair with your cupboard handles.


A double sink will always add depth and character to the kitchen. Whilst also proving to be the most practical style of sink that you can choose. Having the extra space allows you to multi-task whilst you prepare your meals. Allowing you and your family grow in your home so that you can always accommodate the kitchens never-ending demands. The traditional, farmhouse kitchen sink will look stunning in almost any kitchen. Where the basin protrudes between your cupboards/worktops to again give more character and add an extra dimension to the kitchen. Décor trends can be hard to follow, not to mention expensive. So, taking the necessary steps to ensure that you are choosing timeless pieces to finish your kitchen is the wisest thing you can do. Besides, who wants to be renovating on a regular basis when you can be enjoying quality time with your friends and family in your new, timeless kitchen.